Clark Intermediate School Instrumental Music Programs

Marching Band – The Clark Marching Band is made up of students from all of our band classes and represents our school at competitive band reviews and community parades and events. ALL students are expected to be at all the community parades and events (Band Night at CHS Football, Red Ribbon parade, CUSD Band Night, Christmas Electric Light, and Rodeo Parade). Students must meet certain standards musically, physically (marching), and behaviorally in order to participate in the competitive marching events. Mr. Watson and our marching instructors will evaluate each student’s abilities and a list will be posted the week of each parade as to who will be participating in that event. It is not necessary to be in the 0 period Marching band PE to march in the parades, but students who do not enroll in 0 period PE need to attend Thursday morning 0 period rehearsals during marching season to be eligible to participate in the competitive parades.  Thursday’s are late start days at Clark which gives us a full hour of practice time.

The primary benefit of the 0 period offering is that it enables students to take two electives.  In addition, this is the only time students will gain a greater understanding of marching skills and get a head start on learning the advanced marching techniques they will need at Clovis High School.  Students will learn the music in our band classes, but all of the work on our visual performance will happen during 0 period. We encourage all students in the band program to take advantage of this offering.

Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band meets in room IA-8 and is under the direction of Mr. Watson.  This class is offered to students who already understand the basic foundation of their instrument and provides the opportunity to excel in their primary instrument.  This class consists of the most proficient wind and percussion students.  Audition is required of every musician for the entry of this ensemble.  Students in this class are expected to audition for honor groups and to be on private lessons.

Concert Band and and Intermediate Band – These courses are designed for 7th and 8th grade students who have one or more years of experience on a woodwind or brass instrument.

Chamber Orchestra – Chamber Orchestra takes place in room IA-8 and is directed by Mrs. Harris.  Students will participate in chamber playing and advanced concert string literature.  This class consists of the most proficient string students.  Audition is required of every musician for the entry of this ensemble. Students in this group are expected to audition for honor groups and to be on private lessons.

Jazz Band

Students wanting to be in Jazz band must also be in a regular concert band class. Students will learn to play their instruments in a regular band class and then learn to apply those skills to Jazz in this course.  Therefore, all students who wish to be in the Jazz program will need to register for 0 period PE in order to free up a second elective.

All courses are performance based and require mandatory participation at all performances. Curriculum focuses on the study of musical elements and concepts including rhythmic notation, pitch accuracy, tone production, technique, intonation, phrasing, articulations, dynamics, style, expression and interpretation.

String OrchestraString Orchestra is divided into two class periods but will combine for all concerts: 2nd Period Upper Voiced Strings (Violins and Violas, Room IA-8) and 3rd Period Lower Voiced Strings (Cellos and Basses, Room IA-2). Both classes are directed by Mrs. Harris. Students enrolled in 2nd and 3rd period will participate in concert string literature and will continue to work on developing their musical knowledge. 

Color Guard – After School and 0 Period Marching Band PE

Fall Season Description:

  • All Color Guard members will participate in the fall season color guard. This guard will compete as part of the marching band at various competitions held across the state of California.
  • Color Guard practice attire should be all form fitting black shorts/work out pants and black t-shirt with hair pulled back and away from the face
  • Rehearsals & Competitions are held August through November 2:45-5:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • The Fridays before marching competitions, additional zero period rehearsals (6:45-7:30am) will be held so that the color guard participants will have the opportunity to march with the band. In this case, no Friday afternoon rehearsal will take place.
  • Marching Competitions are held on select Saturdays during the fall (please check the website calendar for competition dates:

Winter Season Description:
Winter Guard Season will start in the month of November and additional information will be handed out by Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Stratton.

Winter Percussion – After School (Dec-March)                                                                                              Winter Percussion rehearses after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30-5 p.m. Some Friday evenings time TBD. during the months of December – March as gym availability permits. Mr. Watson is the director who oversees the group and there are many instructors who teach the ensemble. All members in this group must audition with in late November or early December and must be members of the Clark Intermediate Instrumental Music Program.  Students will compete in the local San Joaquin Valley Color Guard and Percussion Reviews that take place from January- March.  During the months of April-June, the percussion students will meet at Clovis High or Clark once or twice a week to continue to work on developing their technique as they prepare to enter into the next grade level.

Of Note…
All Instrumental Music Classes (Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Bands, Marching Band/PE, Orchestras, Color Guard) are graded courses, and carry full academic weight. Grades are based upon attitude, improvement, attendance (rehearsals & performances), private lessons, honor groups, and individual performance tests.