World’s Finest Chocolate Sales

Hi All,

We will be starting our second round of selling Worlds Finest Chocolate Bars. Students can check out a box of chocolate to sell from Mrs. Harris or Mr. Watson any time. Once a student checks out a box they are financially responsible for the entire box, $60. Turning a partially sold box is not acceptable. Profit is $30 for every box sold.
We will have Top Seller prizes
1st place: $200 cash
2nd place: $150 cash
3rd place: $100 cash
In addition to our top seller prizes we will also be having a drawing. For every two boxes you sell you name is entered once into the drawing, i.e. if you sold 8 boxes your name would be in the drawing 4 times.
Drawing prizes:
-6 winners of $25 cash
1 winner of a Chrome Book
Selling will last until we have no more boxes to sell, we have approximately 150 boxes left to sell.
Thank you,
Chris Watson
Band Director